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Yelp Advertising, Is it Worth it For Your Business?

Yelp advertising can be profitable for your San Diego local business.

But, you need to do your homework and spend your money wisely.

Business owners sometimes have a hard time trying to decide where they should be investing their money regarding advertising their company.

Owning a company means that you will have to put in the extra marketing effort to get out there where people can see.

New research has indicated that paid online search ads on review websites can be an excellent method of exposure.

helps a business to increase exposure

If you want to try your luck with review site advertising, Yelp is a great place to start.

It is quite popular due to its many quality customer reviews. It has a reputable name as a website, many buyers and sellers seek for their reviews before choosing a business or service.

But,  how do you advertise your business on their website?

What is Yelp?

In case you don’t know what it is, Yelp is a popular review site, designed to help consumers look for businesses around their area like restaurants, malls, etc.


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Yelp was first opened in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons and is currently earning a total average of at least 26 million viewers.

For a business owner to post on the site, they need to create a free account for them to be permitted to post photos and message their interested customers.

The website initially makes money through selling their ads to businesses. You will be able to notice these around the internet site because they are labeled accurately as “yelp ads.”

Yelp makes use of automated software to mention the most reliable and valuable reviews for the community of users, as well as the millions of other viewers that visit the site on a regular basis. The software works by looking at different signals, including quality measures, activity, and reliability.

The site is very accessible because you can access it on three different platforms like the mobile application, which is available for both android and apple, and a desktop computer.

It is also the perfect place for you to post ads especially if you own a local business like a hair salon, service business, restaurant, an auto body shop, or medical clinic.

Any local business owners can answer consumer messages and reviews through private messaging or public comments even if they are advertised or not.

Responding to consumer feedback often has its benefits because customers are allowed to change their public reviews of the service if action was taken to fix a problem.

What is Yelp advertising?

Now that you know what Yelp can do for your business lets now discuss the ads in detail.

Yelp ads are designed to help millions of customers make purchase decisions.

Yelp ads are there to feature your business on the website so that when a consumer is looking at similar companies, they will see yours as well.

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There are three ways that you can benefit from advertising on Yelp.

  • The first-class position on competitor and search business pages – Since Yelp ads appear in a variety of places including those that are most relevant on Google searches, it can help your business by featuring them on business pages and other areas of high importance to consumers.

The ads can pop up anywhere, in some cases maybe even on social media platforms where exposure is very high.

  • Targeted advertising locally – the great thing about Yelp ads is that it puts your business in front of those customers who want to purchase something near your area. Almost 82 % of the consumers who use yelp intend to buy something like a service or a particular product, and the other 89% are those who purchase and do so after a week.
  • Mobile and desktop presence – Since the majority of the population is being ruled over mobile devices, almost half of the community do their searches through their cell phones. If you own a business and you want people to visit it, yelp ads will help promote your business across all platforms, and that includes a desktop, the mobile application, and the mobile website.

How do yelp ads work?

Yelp lets business owners with a three-star rating or above to advertise on their website.

When a consumer goes to the website, they can find any of their chosen restaurants through their location, type of food that they serve, price range, availability of reservation, etc.

Feedback to a yelp advertising

Some of the marketing programs that yelp provides include advanced business home pages, constant service support, geographically targeted Yelp advertising, a yelp advertising phone number, and free marketing tools. Through Yelp, a restaurant can even gain some great features like consumers being able to schedule deliveries or make direct reservations.

Some of the added benefits of using Yelp is that advertisers get a broad range of services which include things like videography and photography. Once the restaurant owner is on Yelp, they get the benefit of complimentary professional videos and photos to produce more traffic to their business.

Aside from that, business owners also get to enjoy a keen account manager to help optimize the results of advertising and remove the ads of their competitors from their pages of activities.

Yelp also has a feature that allows the customer to check for health-related issues like passing food inspection and getting special incentives from local restaurants and services.

You can check in via Yelp

Much like Foursquare or Facebook where the user can check in to restaurants and places of interest, consumers can now broadcast their visits to your restaurant through the check-in feature on Yelp.

Check in on Yelp

If you are already familiar with how checking in works, this allows the person to tell their friends where they have been or where they are dining at the moment. Since most of these check-ins are done real time, this can attract more customers to your San Diego business.

Plus, you can even learn how to advertise on Yelp for free on some of your offers, incentives, and bonuses through the Yelp mobile application. An example for this would be discounted food, free appetizers, and complimentary desserts.

Try using Yelp to promote your business

We all know that the purpose of getting business is to make money eventually, but you can’t earn money if you don’t make a conscious effort to promote it properly. As mentioned, Yelp is an excellent way for small business owners to get their restaurant on the market.

Promote a business in Yelp ads

Through the website’s check-in feature and different Yelp advertisements, your business can be viewed across all platforms which include mobile phones, the mobile site, and a desktop computer.

If you invest a small amount into Yelp ads, your business will be showcased throughout the website.

We suggest that you try yelp advertising for yourself because it is an excellent way for consumers to consider what you have to offer. Yelp advertising cost may vary and will fluctuate depending on what your business is and what products or services you are offering.

Think about it.

Do some research and find out if Yelp is popular in your area. See what you can do to enhance your profile organically before paying for ads. Overall, work to earn that Yelp advertising success you deserve.