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5 Amazing SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design in 2018

Are you one of those business owners who think that your Internet marketing strategies should come after you launch your website?

Seo friendly website design is one of the big factors to be on top of the search results and grow your business online.

Many people tend to overlook the importance of preparing a strategy before they start their website, thus failing rank in the long run.

Search engine optimization is an essential process of Internet marketing that starts even way before your website becomes available on the Internet for customers.

The same goes when your site is in its early stages of design.

Search engine optimization

Search engines have a way of determining which websites are well optimized. It crawls through the content, which includes the text, images, infographics, video content or even audio content.

In plain words, we can call it a universal truth that “content rules a website”. However, most web designs focus too much on making their material attractive for a visitor to make their website stand out from the crowd and ignore optimization altogether.

Therefore, you should not make the same mistake with your website. Regardless if you are just starting out or experienced, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of search engine optimization.

If you are working on creating and designing a website, then you must ensure that what you come up with is search engine friendly, and most importantly user-friendly. In this article, we will be breaking down some of the basics of creating an SEO friendly website design.

Here are the Tips How to Design an SEO Friendly Website

#1 Create a Responsive Website Design

A responsive seo website design

Have you experienced visiting a site only to find out that it is not mobile friendly? First thing on our list to discuss, is creating a responsive website design that viewers will appreciate.

As a business owner, you should make sure that customers get the best experience out of your site, but how will you do that if it is not optimized for mobile, or tablet usage? We do not need to tell you how many users use their phones to browse the Internet because it is pretty evident that most people glued to their phones.

Therefore, the only solution here would be to optimize it in such a way that all users will be able to access it, that means mobile, tablet and desktop users. Moreover, Google gives a better ranking to websites that are optimized for mobile.

Don’t worry, because you do not need to create a separate design for mobile devices, but instead you can reshape and resize it according to the size of the screen.

There are a lot of content management systems that you can use to help you come up with a design even without having programming knowledge.

#2 Don’t forget to SEO optimize your content creation

content optimization for web design

Content is one element to create a great SEO Web Design

What are the chances that you come across a website that has poorly created content? Slim to none.

It is because website owners make it a point to create their content with caution. One wrong move with your content and your website can be at the very bottom of search rankings.

This is why optimizing your content is important. If you are going to use copied content or anything with poor grammar and spelling, we can tell you that your website will not survive Google’s panda site penalty.

After a website becomes available for users, content can still be added. But the same cannot be said for when the website is still in its design stage.

You cannot just create a site with blank pages now, can you?

The secret to mastering SEO is to build the names of your description of images or videos with keyword-based titles. Take note that all of your titles should be at least 50 or 60 characters long, and should also include relevant keywords.

Similarly, using keywords should also optimize your meta descriptions. Just make sure that the length is from 200-250 characters.

#3 Always optimize your images

image search results using google search engine.

Optimize images to help search engine know what’s your image all about

Don’t you just love it when you see tons of images on a website?

Using pictures and detailed infographics is an excellent way to enhance viewers experience with your site.

Not only does it improve your appearance, but it will also engage your visitors.

That being said, you should also remember to optimize absolutely everything. The texts that you use for the infographics should include all the necessary keywords to help it rank on search engines.

One example can be those slide shows you can see on different website home pages. If you noticed, each image includes a text, which is added while designing a theme or template. The copy should be made SEO friendly through proper keyword usage.

If you name your images with generic file names like Image1.jpg, 123.jpg, etc., you can stop search engines from coming across your pictures. So if you are running an online business, let’s say a shoe store. The title of your images should be in sync with the nature of your business like “NikeAir.jpg.”

Doing so will improve your visibility, especially when someone tries to search for shoes. Additionally, also remembering to come up with proper HTML attributes and creating captions for images, can help optimize your images.  

On a side note, don’t exceed with your images, as this can affect your website loading time.

#4 Implement text-based navigation systems

navigational menu image of a site

Users and search engines use a unique kind of navigation system to visit different parts of a site. So, that means you should keep SEO website design in mind when you plan and design your website.

Ensure that you optimize it in such a way that it is text-based so that search engines will be able to detect it quickly like using search engine friendly technology when you are implementing drop-down menus to your website.

For a web designer, you should always be aware of elements on your website that should be optimized for SEO and should be made with CSS when creating different menus.

For menus that are flash and JavaScript-based, these are never recommended. Why? Because having a link deep up to at least three levels is not exactly something that you will be benefiting from especially when it comes to optimization.

Of course, the next best thing is to use keywords in the URL.

#5 Make sure to redirect

A difference between 404 and 301 directives

While browsing the Internet and you come across your favorite website, have you noticed a 404 error or page not found?

This is what’s going to happen to your site if you do not redirect your pages during a web design correctly.

Any mistake that you commit while you are trying to redirect your content to the new version of your site can have a significant effect on your ranking and traffic. This is the reason why most people get 404 error pages; it’s because old pages are not redirected correctly.

To a search engine, if you fail dramatically that web page will not exist and therefore won’t be included in the search results. On the other hand, if you use 301 redirects, this can save you the hassle of losing traffic.

The 301 will be responsible for getting the message out to search bots, that the old version is replaced with a newer version of your website. Any link to your new page from the old one can also be counted, for as long as you do not forget to optimize the keywords in the updated permalink.

Additionally, in case of an emergency, you can also redirect your traffic to another page on your website by using a customized 404 page.

Try these tips to optimize your SEO Website Design

As you can see, the life of your website will depend on your SEO strategies and optimization.

It is crucial to make it user-friendly and attractive. However, you should not forget the importance of optimizing it for search engines as well.

The tips we have mentioned above, are sure-fire ways to help your website become more visible to users.

With the right strategies and mindset, you can send your site skyrocketing to get to the first page of Google rankings.

5 Amazing SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design in 2018
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5 Amazing SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design in 2018
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