Pest Control Marketing FAQs


How much does your pest services cost?

Our pricing is based on project size. We work with small operations to multiple city corporations and find that packages don’t work well. Generally, for continual work we have a minimum budget of $1500 per month and go up from there. Most importantly, we help you track R.O.I so that you know that your money is bringing you business.

What type of pest control companies do you work with?

We like to work with good people who want to grow.That is our major determining factor. Size doesn’t necessarily matter as we have helped companies with single locations grow to a massive regional footprint.

How long does it take to rank?

Rankings do not equal return on investment. While we track rankings, the main things we focus on are website traffic, phone calls, form fill,  and sales. Generally speaking, when we start working on a website overall rankings begin to improve within 1-3 months. As more content is built, you have more phrases that bring people to your website. We rarely worry about a single keyword but look at the data and impression reach all the time to ensure it is improving. With maps specifically, ranking can be based on location, search terms, mobile vs desktop, and other factors.

What’s your reporting like?

We build custom reports monthly that cover everything we have done, analysis on what worked and what didn’t, the plan for the following month, and the key performance indicators that are decided on such as calls, form fills, organic traffic, etc. We can help you track phone calls and improve phone sales.

Do you do consulting?

Yes. Generally, this is for big brands that are looking for a premium service.

Do you do al a carte work?

Yes. Link building, content creation, and citation work are all areas where we can provide focused project work. We do like to know your bases are covered in other areas as focusing on one thing will never win the prize compared to a strategic approach to local search marketing.

Who do we work with at SSF?

We work in team groups. You would be assigned 3 people who would oversee your project. Teams allow for us to stack different talent and strengths so that you are sure to get the best service possible.



“SSF is great to work with and knows how to get a company recognized online. In a short amount of time, we have shot up the charts and are starting to produce consistent online sales. They even worked with our individual managers in educating them how to maximize their online production.”

-Les Garret | Doves Pest Control


“SSF is a talented group of creative professionals. Not only have we received excellent customer service from our account managers they are also extremely helpful and answer our many questions as we continue to grow our business. We are so pleased with the optimization strategies they have applied to our website. We love seeing Rosenthal & Wadas at the top of the list time and time again.”

-Beth Skaggs


“I highly recommend the folks at SSF. Having been through many different SEO firms over the last decade, it is refreshing to deal with a group that is both responsive and does what they say they’re going to do. Additionally, they lay out an action plan that spells out the work that they accomplish each month. I recommend their services to anyone that wants quality SEO work.”

-Jason Allison

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