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10 Steps to Become an Authority Online Influencer in Your Field

Do you want to become an authority online influencer?

To be an influencer, you need to be an expert and know what you are talking about.

Naturally, you will not be expected to know everything.

However, you should be eager and willing to continue learning, while having a solid knowledge of your field.

Actively Participate in Social Media

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Being active on social media is more than posting on your accounts.

You need to participate and engage in various communities continuously. A good example would be tagging others on Facebook, commenting on people’s Instagram posts, and showing up on people’s Twitter chats.

Visit your industry forums and share info and insights without expecting any benefits such as traffic. Just go out there and make sure people in your niche get to know you and see you as an expert.

Post on High-Authority Blogs

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Guest posting on high-traffic sites will expand your reach outside your current audience.

Find out if you can be a regular contributor to such sites. Such a move will allow you to build an audience steadily. Additionally, you will receive a lot of referral traffic to your website.

Carefully watch your analytics when using this strategy. Determine the sites that are most effective when it comes to targeted traffic. If you are posting to big site names and you are not getting results, you are wasting your time.

Never discount smaller sites due to their size. Sometimes such sites have loyal audiences that send the most enthusiastic and targeted visitors.

Online Interaction Is Key

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People we find likable or like, are more likely to influence others. They may be very flattering or kind. Sometimes they may “feel” like they are the same as us. To be an effective influencer, you need to make other people like you.

Investing effort and time in building trust and rapport is the first step to be likable. Nurture good relationships with your clients, co-workers, and others in the industry. Be consistent and reliable. Be an active listener capable of balancing knowledge with a creative, open mind able to find novel solutions.

Do this using your emotional intelligence. It works by creating a genuine buy-in for people to like you. No one likes a pretender, and the majority of people can spot them from a distance.

Rank Your Niche’s Popular Keywords

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You need high rankings to get traffic to your website. Rankings are also responsible for gaining authority in your niche. You need to rank in the top three spots for relevant keywords. If you don’t, it will be difficult to convince your audience of your expertise.

Begin by focusing on brand-related keywords and your name. They will be the easiest to get high rankings. They will also help you establish credibility when people are searching for you. You can then move on to more competitive and popular terms.

Take note that your site does not necessarily need ranking for these keywords. Using guest blogging will make it easier to get ranking using the said keywords.

Take It Offline Sometimes

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The most significant share of your influence can be built online. You will need to invest most of your resources and spend most of your time.

All the same, successful influencers have spent time building authority offline. It can be achieved using interviews, teaching classes, and live speaking engagements.

Network Tirelessly to Become a Niche Authority Influencer

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Your niche may already be a home to a plethora of industry leaders.

They are there because they have already built their audiences. The may have some influence they may be able to share with you. Proper networking could result in partnerships and collaborations that get you into the big leagues.

Another network tactic is to comment and share videos, media posts, and blogs of renowned leaders in your niche. Furthermore, you should attend industry events and conferences done by any influencer. Combining small touches will raise awareness of your name among small and heavy hitters in your niche.

You have to work with influencers before you can establish yourself as one. Find their best work and promote and share it. Thank them when they do the same. Start a conversation when they thank you.

Be Responsive

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People expect online influencers to be responsive and approachable.

This means consistently responding to blog comments, social media mentions, and emails. It does not necessarily mean you have to reply to each question or comment. However, it helps to let your followers and readers know you are reading them.

Select the Right Topics and Stay Focused

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Align your content with your audience’s needs and interests.

Use your insight and expertise to answer their questions, solve their problems, and entertain them in meaningful and specific ways. You will influence people when they see you as a resource.

Come up with unique content to highlight your ideas and brands. Identify compelling, unusual angles you can take on topics that interest your audience.

Turn complicated issues into usable, easily understood, and compact content for your readers. Before you create content, engage in competitive analysis.

Insights you provide your audience should be based on your own experience and expertise. This method ensures your content is unique, relevant, and adds value.

The focus is also important. To become an authority influencer, you must have a compelling, clear value and brand proposition.

It also enables you to stand out in a remarkable crowd.

Get Published

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You will slowly, but surely, begin building a name for yourself if you keep your eye on the prize. At this point, you should not slow down. You should create something outstanding.

Use all the influence mojo you have built. Use the perspective you have polished using hundreds of social media comments and blog posts. Combine all these to come up with a book, guide, or tutorial for your niche.

Getting published is an excellent way to create a new revenue stream. It will also leverage your growing reputation to increase your influence. A publication can be sold after you have made a speech. Take note that the most significant benefit of having a product or book containing premium knowledge will be the authority it provides.

Bottom Line

You will not become an online influencer overnight.

The process requires a lot of hard work, commitment, and time. If you follow the ten steps above, you have a higher chance of achieving influencer status.

10 Steps to Become an Authority Online Influencer in Your Field
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10 Steps to Become an Authority Online Influencer in Your Field
Do you want to become an authority online influencer? To be an influencer, you need to be an expert and know what you are talking about. Here are steps to help you become one.
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